Nicolas Perez Wood Fired Stove About

I have lots of memories of my father cooking over the fire. I grew up eating BBQs or “asados” as we name them in South America.

I left my career as an Architect to pursue my love for food, working from the bottom up; from washing the dishes in a couple of restaurants and cafes, to working my way up until reaching my dream job as Pit Boss in an American BBQ restaurant/butcher. There, I was able to learn the best techniques with state of the art smokers surrounded by professional chefs as mentors.

I love creating recipes and mixing cooking techniques, cuisines of the world and just about anything that you can cook over fire.

Essentially, when cooking I like to use:

  • Fire Pit.
  • BBQs from different models and sizes.
  • Smokers.
  • Wood Fire ovens.
  • Kitchen ovens.
  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Briquettes
  • Lump wood

About WFS-Wood Fired Oven

What Wood Fired Stove is meant to do?

My goal with Wood Stove is to teach and help people create their masterpieces in their own backyards.

Fire creates powerful memories, brings people together and gives food extraordinary flavor.

Cooking with fire is what motivates me. I love cutting the wood with an axe; love firing up the wood watching the flames. This connects me with my spirit and brings me to life.